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Every time a patient complaint is received the strong emotions of disappointment and anger can spiral out of control. One of the biggest risks you are likely to experience is serious damage to your brand and reputation. That’s something every practice fears, isn’t it?

Experience tells me that how you handle complaints, the processes you have and the skills used can make or break the situation. It can very easily go from bad to worse.

I appreciate that dental professionals may face challenges on a daily basis and receiving a complaint may be upsetting and time consuming.  Worst case scenario you may end up with a costly and distracting challenge to resolve.

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The good news is that by investing in just a one day programme to support practice staff, you can avoid these distracting and unpleasant scenarios.

My one day in-house training programme will transform challenging conversations with patients into a calm and sensible dialogue which can avoid tension and escalation.

By using tried and tested techniques and skills your team members can easily handle the majority of complaints without getting upset, cross or simply giving in.

Patients will feel respected, listened to and be more willing to work towards a solution.

My interactive training exercises based on real situations and proven resolutions will make a big difference to your staff and your practice. They will feel calm, in control and able to negotiate win/win solutions.

This is powerful training that they can take away and implement immediately.


  • To understand why complaints are raised
  • To equip the whole dental team with the required skills, attitudes and techniques to enable complaints to be resolved positively
  • To identify areas for improvement within your practice and put a plan of action in place

What your bespoke training solution covers:

Your tailored training will provide your dental team with the skills required to deal with complaints effectively and covers the following:

  • How to build your reputation and resolve issues in real time
  • The triggers for complaints being raised and how to avoid these
  • The key steps for best practice complaints handling
  • The importance of having and displaying an in-house complaints procedure
  • How to ensure that all members of the dental team have the right mindset
  • How to develop rapport, diffuse, calm and empathise
  • The power of an apology
  • What to say and what to avoid saying to a patient who complains
  • Key principles to apply when handling written complaints
  • Key interpersonal skills to communicate effectively
  • How to respond and resolve, rather than react
  • How to feel confident and in control
  • How to manage challenging patients
  • The benefits of consulting with your indemnifier
  • Reporting and logging
  • How to capture and act on informal feedback and insights from patients
  • Action planning tools to make the transfer of learning have a quick impact back in the practice
  • Understand the contribution that outstanding service makes to financial and organisational performance and success


The methods I will use and the benefits to you

  • My approach is to deliver intensive, interactive and high impact training events that will make a difference to your practice performance and success.
  • These are based on my nine years experience as Head of the Dental Complaints Service where I dealt with practices and complaining patients on a daily basis.
  • Core methods include expert trainer-led sessions and involves paired work, group discussion and reflective journaling.
  • The opportunity to work with scenarios and case studies drawn from your experience of complaints.
  • A focused and enjoyable learning experience.
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion respected.

My complaints handling training meets the educational criteria set by the GDC for verifiable CPD.