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Jane L Fox

“I have known Hazel Adams for over 12 years, primarily in her capacity as Head of Service for the Dental Complaints Service, for whom I acted as a voluntary lay member and Chair. This afforded me regular contact and liaison with Hazel, in the form of written and phone correspondence, as well as face-to-face contact at meetings/panels and… Read more “Jane L Fox”

- PhD, MPhil, MSc, CertEd, RNT, BA, DN(Lond) ONC,SRN

Tom Scott

I worked with Hazel between January and July 2018 when she was Head of the Dental Complaints Service (DCS). Hazel has always maintained high standards while carrying out her role, both personally and through her team. While leading her team to assist in reaching timely resolutions to private dental complaints, her focus was to be empathetic and fair.… Read more “Tom Scott”

- GDC Executive Director, Fitness to Practise Transition

Bob Ireland

As a dental professional panel member of the GDC Dental Complaints Service, I have worked with Hazel for 10 years and always found her workshops stimulating, rewarding and thought provoking. She has an infectious enthusiasm for developing ideas about conflict resolution and putting them into practice. Her vivacious personality and professionalism were always driving forces in making… Read more “Bob Ireland”

- DCS Volunteer (now retired dentist but still working for DCS)

Michelle Williams

I worked with Hazel for 13 years at the Dental Complaints Service, during this time we worked together in driving the service forwards, implementing processes and engaging with the dental profession. Hazel is a bubbly and insightful person who brings a wealth of knowledge to complaints resolution and customer service in a professional and thought-provoking… Read more “Michelle Williams”

- DCS Head of Operations Dental Complaints Service

Are You Looking For The Perfect Person To Transform Your Practice Complaints Handling Skills?

Hi I’m Hazel, Hazel Adams, and I’m founder of Dental Complaints Expert, the specialist customer service and complaints handling consultancy which focuses solely on the dental industry.

So if you are from a Dental Practice needing help right now to resolve patient complaints then you’re in the right place.

You’ll benefit from my extensive experience as Head of the Dental Complaints Service known as the DCS.

Karin williams
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This means that you can access my expertise in handling literally 1000s of private dental complaints.

You will be able to draw on my in depth knowledge of what causes complaints, how to avoid these happening, and the huge benefits of early resolution.

What’s more you will discover the positive side of complaints handling and how learning from complaining patients will make your Practice even more successful.

So this isn’t for you if you merely want to tick CPD boxes.

I only work with Practices who are determined to build a fantastic reputation for service, caring for their patients and willing to invest in powerful skills-based training.

If that’s you then download my Complaints Handling Guide: 5 Key Steps to Resolving Complaints And Enhancing your Reputation Now.

If that’s you, get in touch now by calling 07799 885376 or email hazel@dentalcomplaintsexpert.com And don’t forget to download my free Guide ‘Five Key Steps To Effective Complaints Handling’

My Services

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Get a free consultation to resolve any complaints and enhance your practice reputation.

Expert Training

Expert Training

Benefit from a decade of insider secrets from the Dental Complaints Service.

Leading Dental Complaints Expert

Leading Dental Complaints Expert

Extensive experience from the former Head of The Dental Complaints Service.

GDC Compliant

GDC Compliant

My complaints handling training meets the educational criteria set by the GDC for verifiable CPD.

Designed Just For You

Designed Just For You

Tailored training to build your reputation and resolve issues in real time.

Planning Tools

Planning Tools

Action planning tools to make the transfer of learning have a quick impact back in the practice.

Powerful Practical Training

Powerful Practical Training

Emphasis on proven skills to transform your complaints handling.

Managing Difficult Situations

Managing Difficult Situations

Exactly what to say and what to avoid saying to a patient who complains.

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